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João Elton Moreto - Q11 Digital

João Elton Moreto — Q11 Digital

Website developer and digital marketing freelancer focused on improve businesses.

+55 (19) 99736-1378

Brazil. Available worldwide.

Hello! \o/

  • 🪄 Custom automations
  • 🤑 Lead generation optimization
  • 🐾 Advanced tracking

I am a web programmer with experience in developing websites using technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and WordPress CMS.

As a service provider for multiple companies since 2001, and with my brand Q11 Digital since 2007, I applied these and other programming languages to collaborate in the implementation of websites focused on SEO and UX to generate traffic and attract leads, including custom automation implantation at various points in the journey.

I have a degree in Social Communication and self-taught in web development and digital marketing, and as a freelancer I currently work for the companies Lincred (loans), Rock Ensina (business school), blogs “Guides” Mexico, USA and Pro, Jacques Lemans (Brazil and Latin America website), among other specific projects.

Check out some recent projects:

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